How It Works

How MKTG-Tools Manages Your Cart

At MKTG-Tools, we have created white label digital marketing service shopping carts. Web and Graphic Designers can add these services to their already existing services. These custom digital marketing shopping carts are managed via an email address from our partner's domain, i.e. “”.

We then manage this email address internally with our staff and can follow up with any customer that asks for services from your domain. Each partner's digital marketing shopping cart comes with adequate content for the end client to purchase services with confidence. For any questions or concerns, the end client may email the email they provided to us or their vendor’s marketing email address, and a staff member will reply in a timely manner.

Step 1: Services

Select which services you want to offer to your clients!

Step 2: Design

Choose from one of our pre-made themes or customize your own!

Step 3: Implementation 

Connect your new shopping cart to your page and start earning 25% on each
service that your client selects

View A Sample Cart